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CRIME STOPPERS is able to reach people in a unique way that provides valuable information and anonymity. The statistical success of CRIME STOPPERS speaks for itself.

Chief Richard Tantalo, 09/17/2017

We were very pleased to give a leadership gift to support CRIME STOPPERS. The K-9 press conference was exciting and allowed us to see that our donation was put to excellent use!

Dr. Todd Wihlen, President, Monroe Veterinary Associates, 09/16/2017

CRIME STOPPERS is one of the most important community resources. The men and women of CRIME STOPPERS have aided the Rochester Fire Department time and time again to successfully prosecute the crime of arson

Chief John Schreiber, 09/15/2017

CRIME STOPPERS is always there to help when unexpected injuries / veterinarian costs arise. The K-9 Initiative has been a tremendous help keeping the Monroe County Sheriff's K9's safe and healthy

Capt. Paul Delella, MCSO Special Operations, 09/14/2017