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Anonymous Tips in The Greater Rochester Area

You Make The Call, We Handle The Rest


When you call the TIP LINE at 423-9300, your tip will be taken by one of our operators, 24/7.The operator will give you a tip number and instructions on when to call back regarding your tip and how to collect your reward. The operator will send the tip to the CRIME STOPPERS Coordinator who will send the tip to the agency with jurisdiction for the alleged crime or wanted suspect. Upon successful use of your tip, the arresting agency will contact the Coordinator who will request a reward from the CRIME STOPPERS Board of Directors, which meets monthly. On approval of this tip you will be directed to call back to 423-9300 on a date given to you by the operator to receive instructions on how to recover your reward. Your call is always anonymous unless you chose to give your name.

You can submit a web tip at Select Web Tip, then fill in as many information boxes as possible. The most important box is the Crime Description box under Crime Notes. Your tip will be sent to routers in Canada which makes your tip untraceable but does allow for 2-way communication with the CRIME STOPPERS Coordinator. Upon successful use of your tip the Coordinator will advise you how and when to pick up your reward.

Simply text “SAFETIP” plus your message to 274637 (or CRIMES). You can also submit a SAFETIP at the website www.rocCRIME and clicking on the SAFETIP link.

To make an anonymous tip today, please don’t hesitate to call us at (585) 423-9300.